The store widget is a great element for displaying your store products on any page or even within your blog posts.

To add your store widget, simply navigate to the store widget:

The first step to take is adding the products you want to display. Select the edit products tab as show below. This opens up a new window where you can add products by:

  • Latest products

  • All products from selected categories

  • Selected products

  • and how many you want to display.

Product layout

Many of the options in this setting a more visual settings. So let's take a look at the important settings more so.

  • Store process

The store process tab gives you two options: Add to cart or buy now.

Add to cart: If you want your visitors to simply add more than one item to their shopping carts this option is for you. When they click add to cart it will automatically store that item in their cart awaiting further actions.

Buy now: By selecting the buy now button, when your visitor clicks the buy now button they will automatically be shown the payment 'checkout' page ready to make the purchase.

Product feed looks

Again the product feed looks is user choice by selecting the style and design of the store product widget. Let's take a closer look:

There three main layout designs when displaying your products on page as shown in the image above. And also the content alignment, this configures where you want the text layout, left - center or to the right.

Discounted products badge type: If you have discounts allocated to certain products you can visually display them directly on the item itself. There are four options to chose from:

  • None: will not show any information

  • Sale: Will display if the item is on sale

  • Discount amount: If the item has been discounted by a currency value $

  • Discount percentage: If the item has been discounted by a certain % value

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