The slider widget is similar to the gallery widget, but has more features like adding text and also call to actions to your images and videos.

Editing your slider

To get started with creating your slider, first select the edit slides tab then click the plus icon as shown below.

Once you have selected the plus icon you will see the next image display: This is the slider editor.

Note: You do not have to use images. If you simply want text or even video then that is also possible.

So select the layer you want to add in this example we will use an image layer.

Great we have added an image layer. Also note that if you don't want to add an image as a layer you can set the image as a background by selecting the Change image button at the top of the editor.

Ok, so now we have added our image layer we can now modify it more if required. From setting the animation to adding a URL link to the image.

Next I want to add some text to the image, to do so: simply create a new layer and select text layer.

A new editing box has been displayed. Simply type in the text your want to add as a new layer. Set the font styling - colour and also animation and it's ready.

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