How to use your file manager

The File Manager is the place where you can upload and manage all your photos and files.

By clicking on the Website Settings -> File Manager and then selecting either All Files or All Images.

All Images - if you want to upload images only, choose that option. It will resize your images (if they are really big) and compress them. It is the same way as uploading them via Image Widget.

All Files - Suitable for when you want to upload any type of file or an image to which you want to keep the original size and quality.

To upload your image or file simply tap the 'Upload a file' button.

Within the file manager you can create individual folder to help separate your files and image preferences.

Each image and file once uploaded will generate a URL link. If you're wanting to add a downloadable file in your eCommerce store then you can use that link. There are many options available when using the image and file url link.

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