Store Product

Digital | Service | Physical | Membership

To start creating your store products, select the store tab at the top of your screen 'as highlighted below'

Once you have selected the 'Create a Product' tab. You will be directed to the product design page. Within this page you can:

Create and design your desired product

  • Inventory tracking

  • Variations

  • Custom thank you page

  • Additional questions

  • Tag customers

First, let's create our first product:

  • Add a title

  • Edit the description 'Simple editor/drag and drop

  • Add the price

  • On sale 'Yes/no'

  • Is the product a subscription item. eg: Recurring payments over an allocated time period

  • SKU

  • Weight if using a physical product

  • Product type 'Digital/Physical/membership/service'

  • Add images

  • Product category selection

  • Hidden or viewable item

Edit the description in detail. The product description can use either the

  1. Simple editor or

  2. Drag and drop editor.

1, Simple editor: The simple editor enables you to display text on your product quick view and also the checkout page.

2, Drag and drop editor: The option enables you to add any of the standard website builder widgets, such as. Timers, videos etc etc.

Subscription Products

Subscription products will charge your customers on a recurring basis. Any changes to this subscription will apply to new customers only. Subscription payments can be configured to how ever you want to set them up:

  • Monthly payments

  • Weekly payments

  • Billing cycles

Product type

Select your type of product from the drop down menu

When using Digital product you will be able to add your product URL directly to the store item as shown below.

Creating a membership product

Now that you have created your product, you can now start adding the finer details from inventory tracking to adding tags for retargeting.

Track Inventory

Add your product quantity to enable out of stock and scarcity via the ecom store 'To enable unlimited stock numbers leave it turned off'

Custom thank you page

If you required the user to go to a specific page within your site or outside > Select this option and add your destination url as shown below.

Additional Question

Ask additional information for this product before adding to cart. For example: engraving, notes, etc.

Tag Customers

Add a tag to your product and when the customer purchases the tag will be added to their profile. Great for setting up your follow up automation and email campaigns

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