Automation Overview

Automations can really help save you time, while increasing your conversions or simply updating subscriber information automatically in the background.

There are thousands of automation combinations you could create, here is a tiny list of what some users are automating:

  • Sending ebook downloads

  • Simple form submits to sending a welcome email

  • Updating customer information

  • Drip email campaigns

  • Course onboarding

  • Webinar registrations then sending emails linked to sales funnels

  • Course content

  • Business updates

  • Newsletters

  • and more...

Automation flow basics

Automations are built from three basic components:

  • Triggers > Whether someone visits your website, opens an email or updates their information. Your automation is ready to go 24/7.

  • Conditional logic > Create complex automations, or create individual automation rules with a simple “if this, then that” functionality.

  • Actions > Send them an eBook, update their information or even send your automated email campaigns.

Adding notes

By selecting the notes function, you or your team members can leave helpful notes at each step of the automation funnel. This can be really helpful, to remind you of the step information, or simply adding instructions for your team to complete. Write it, save it, pin it.


Watch in real time how your automations are going, track open rates, who clicked what and how many people have completed your automation.

Setting goals

Setting goals will help you gauge if your automation is successful. When a subscriber reaches your specific goal Sendly considers that as a win and registers it as a goal in your analytics dashboard. Once the user has reached your set goal, they will be removed from that automation.

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