You have an amazing blog, so show it off in any page on your website or even in your funnels!

Navigate to the blog widget and drop in to the page

Styling the blog widget

As with all the elements you can style to your own liking. Within the blog widget you can modify:

  • The display collection

  • Category

  • Show images

  • Layout display

  • Add your social share links

  • And how many blog posts you would like to display

Collections to display: You can display blogs posts by:

  • Recent posts

  • Most popular categories

  • Most popular tags

Category: You can display your blog widgets by selected categories you have with your blog settings.

Show post image and description: This is optional, for example you can select whether your want to display a text listed format of blog posts or add images and descriptions as displayed in the image above.

Layout: There are three display options when selecting the layout design. Note: we have the masonry layout selected above.

  1. Masonry

  2. Large image

  3. Medium size image

Navigation type: The navigation type adds more options to the widget. If you want an additional navigation button that either shows more blog posts or the alternate option to display the next row of blogs posts.

  • Pagination

  • Load more

Add share buttons: Adding share buttons enable your visitors to share the blog post to their social media channels by simply tapping the social icon. This is optional.

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