Abandoned Cart

Are you looking for a way to recover potential sales from the abandoned carts in your online store or sales funnels? With our new abandoned cart automation, you can quickly and easily set up the time for abandonment, create the email flow, and track your analytics. Start recovering lost sales today with our automated abandoned cart flows!

Setting up your abandoned cart email

To get started with your abandoned cart automation, go to the Store settings tab. By default, your abandoned cart is set to active, but the automation is turned off. You can set it up for each item in your store, but to keep it simple, you can leave it the same for all items.

There is a delay time that you can set, which determines how long to wait before the automation starts after a customer abandons their cart. You can change the time if needed in the future.

The next step is to head in to the automations building. We have already set up a pre-built template for you. When you select create new automation tab, you will see this pop up appear. Here you need to select 'Abandoned cart automation' Once selected it will take you in to the automations flow.

Creating the email

To the left hand side you will see the email drag and drop elements. Scroll about half way down and you will see the new abandoned cart element. Simply drag that in to your email and you're done!

How to get your visitors to the right place.

By default the button will direct the visitor back to the checkout page with the item/s that they left in their cart. Alternatively if you are using a sales funnel, simply direct them to the checkout step in your funnel. This will register the purchase conversion in both your store and funnel revenue analytics tab.

Where to view store analytics.

There are two places you can see the abandoned cart analytics:

  • Store dashboard tab

  • Orders tab

To the right of the store dashboard tab as shown in the image below you will see Abandoned Cart Tab.

Below is the orders tab display. Again you can view all abandoned carts either by entire store or filtering to individual funnels.

And that's it you are ready to start winning back up to 68.9% of abandoned carts!

As you can see below, one of our users is already seeing massive wins backs

I love the new Cart Abandoned feature. It's already working. Kudos Pete and team. What I love most is how simple it was to set up. 1 click. Do you know how difficult it is to set up Abandoned Cart in Thrive cart, 1 Checkout and Active Campaign? OMG don't even get me started.

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