Formally known as Integromat: It's a tool that helps you to automate manual processes, without needing code. They refer to themselves as ‘the glue of the internet’, helping their customers to connect together apps and services.

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How Make Works

To understand how Make works, you need to know what an API is. An API (application program interface) is something that a software provider (like MailChimp, Shopify, or PayPal) provides so developers can access data within their applications. For example, a developer writes code that detects all new Shopify orders via the Shopify API, then subscribes them to a MailChimp newsletter via the MailChimp API.

Instead of needing the code, Make has turned these complicated APIs into simple blocks that can be connected with a simple drag-and-drop. Make calls these blocks ‘Modules’ and the visual connections between them ‘Scenarios’.

Once set up, Make runs 24-7,

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