Social media

The social media widget has two different use cases that enable you to either get visitors to share pages or simply navigate to your preferred social media channels.


To chose the right option for you simply select the social media settings tab and a new window will open. Here you can select whether you want to get visitors to share the page you have the widget applied to or simply go to one of your social media channels for a follow.

Share this page

This option enables your visitors to share the page where the social widget is displayed. So this can be used across your entire site on any page, funnel step, blog posts and even you store pages.

Simply select the plus icon to add your social media channels and that's it. When a user taps the button on the selected social media option, your page will be shared on to their for example facebook profile/page etc.

Go to page

This option enables your visitors to go to any social media page or even another URL if required. Simply select the social media icon and type in your page url


Just like any of our widgets everything can be styled to your own design. Let's take a look at the social media styling options below:

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