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Lay the groundwork for your future promotions. Collect emails in an interactive way using quizzes, and use your segmented lists to create targeted campaigns.

In this article you will discover how to create, manage and use quizzes to help generate leads and sales for your business. Firstly navigate to the elements section and select the quizzes widget:


Before we get into the mechanics of how to build a quiz, let's take a look at the various styling elements.

As with any of the element widgets all of the styling is pretty much the same in design. from selecting colours to fonts. Just how you would style a regular form.


Within the settings tab the feature are almost the same as setting up a regular form. The only differences are that you can:

  • Auto Advance

  • Show progress bars and tabs

  • Show back button

We will cover each in details below:

Auto Advance

The auto advance option enables the user to advance to the next step within your quiz flow. For example: If you have multiple questions/options that are being displayed, if the user select an option they will auto advance to the next given step in your quiz flow.

Progress bars and tabs

The progress bars and tabs are optional. They display a visual element to the user to show the quiz progress and what step they are at.

Quiz fields

Quiz fields is the place where you add all of your quiz information, from questions to images and more.

Editing quiz fields

The quiz field settings cog as highlighted below enables you to edit the step headline and description, including styling font and colour.

The next step is to start editing your quiz questions, simply select the edit fields tab.

Quizzes are made up of Steps and within those steps are fields. You are not limited to the amount of steps you want to create for your quiz!

The image above is displaying the actual quiz field editor. As mentioned this is where you can insert all your quiz information from text to images. Let's take a look at how to edit the quiz questions first: Select the setting button as shown below, a new pop up window will display.

Most of the settings options are for styling and display, which really depends on how you want that part of your quiz to appear to the user. The main settings to focus on are:

  • Can select multiple options

  • Map to crm property

  • Required field

The select multiple options tab is self explanatory: Meaning if you have more than one question/option you want the user to select, then this is classed as a multiple option.

Map to CRM Property: This is an optional, but important step if you want to save the information collected from the user and use it later on in your marketing strategy. For example you can save an answer and send it via email or even display it on the next page. So it's perfect for website personalization!

If the property does not exist, you can simply create one specifically for that quiz question.

Required field: Again pretty self explanatory, meaning an option is required to be selected before the user can progress within the quiz.

Quiz questions

Within your quiz step you can create multiple questions per step and each question has a valued based answer, which will we cover shortly. Let's take a look at the quiz question settings first.

Next to each question there is a little cog 'settings' as shown below

When select a new window will appear. Within this window there are a few options:

  • Add an image

  • Show additional information

  • Skip to another step

  • Add a tag

Adding an image, some users when creating their quizzes only display images. For example let's say you have a branding quiz... You could display an four images and ask what design do they like best. So it's entirely up to your quiz design whether you use images or not. Note you can also have a combination of images and text to.

TOP TIP - If using images be sure to make them all the same size. As this helps keep the visual display of your quiz more attractive, rather than have mis shaped images. Although the options also allow you to have the images displayed in a square or circular design

Show additional information: If you want to display additional information on your questions such as more info about that certain question you can. The additional info will display in an info styled icon and once selected it will display your additional info as shown below

Skip to another step: If you want your users to skip often referred to as 'jump' to another part of your quiz, even to 3 or 4 steps ahead then this is the feature you need. Simply select where you want the user to go, once the question/option has been selected.

Add a tag: Adding tags to your users during the process of taking the quiz can assist with deeper segmentation or keeping it simple to trigger further on automations or even email campaigns. Note: each question can have it's own tag allocated if required.

Quiz scoring

Quizzes are designed to help you generate leads and drive users to things like recommend products and more. With the scoring element within the quiz, this will help you give the right outcome to the user.

Each question can have it's own score allocated. But do note; not all questions require a score and can be left at 0 'zero' if required.

As shown in the image above, each quiz question/option can have it's own score. How does the scoring work?

So each quiz you create will have it's very own outcome. The outcome is based on a score. So for example:

We have a quiz that asks a series of questions about branding. At the end of the quiz, the score value will be added together to show a result based on their answers.

Let's say total score = 10, the score of ten takes them to a downloadable guide book to help with branding.

They score 20, meaning they understand branding a little more so, but need more one to one assistance. We can then send them to register for a free course.

They score 30, meaning they have a huge understanding about branding, but want to take i to another level. We can now direct them to a paid service that will help them more so.

Quiz management

So once you have your scoring strategy mapped out, now is the time to manage where you want to take them once the quiz is complete.

We have already discussed how the scoring works, so now you can insert your scoring in the score management tab. As you can see - simply add your score result then select whether you want to send a quick thank you message containing their result, or direct them to a specific page, funnel step or even a checkout with a product that is recommended to them based on their quiz answers.

Quizzes can also be used in pop ups to if required

So as you can see, the quizzes are a powerful and popular feature that enables users to generate leads and make sales by using interactive quizzes, instead of the normal forms we fill out daily.

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