Forms widget

Adding a form to your website. Forms are a quick way to generate leads into your business. Send all information to your favorite email software in one click. All leads are automatically added to your CRM.

Where to find your form widget.

Go to the Widget tab and select the forms widget as shown below.

Form fields editing

Form fields are the information you want to retain from someone filling out your capture form. Note: You can hide the fields too, under the hidden field type in your form settings.

Custom properties are really powerful and can aid your marketing efforts massively.

Form settings

The form settings are the most important part of your form. Here you can:

  • Label the form for identification

  • Notify admins when a form is completed

  • Actions on submit either a simple thank you message or re-directing them to a custom or pre-existing page or funnel step.

  • Connecting leads to your email marketing lists

  • Adding tags for segmentation or triggering automations

Form styling

Form styling enables you to fully customize the way your form is displayed from font type to colour design.

Once you are happy with the design and have it connected to your email provider and ready to trigger your amazing automations. You are ready to start generating leads for your business.

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