Image widget

Adding and setting up your images for your website. To find the image widget, go to > Widgets and then select image.

If you are wondering how to add images to your file manager, tap the link below

pageHow to use your file manager

Image editing

Once you have selected your image and placed it on the page, head to the image settings tab. Here you can add image descriptions 'great for SEO', Shadowing, image captions and call to actions.

Image captions

Adding captions enable you to do many things from, displaying text boxes and adding a call to action link.

Great if you want to explain more about the image or service.

Caption editing

You can make a ton of edits to the captions if you would like to add more branding or simply move the caption bar to a more preferred placement.

Adding a link or pop up lightbox to your image. Adding a link to your image enable your to direct your website visitor to wherever you want, whether that be to another page, an ecommerce product or any step in a funnel.

The lightbox option is a visual effect. When a visitor hovers over or click on the image, it will pop out.

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