Countdown timers do a whole lot more than just tick away!

Our countdown timers are very dynamic and can really put real time scarcity into your promotions and offers to automatically switching pages when offers expire and more.


When selecting the Edit tab a new window will pop out. Here are shown three option tabs:

  • Countdown type

  • Select time

  • When counter ends

First let's take a look at the Countdown type options:

  • Count to date: Let's take for example you have an offer page that displays a limited time offer, here you add the time when the offer runs out by selecting the date and time you prefer.

Count time: Just like the count to date option the count time works on the same principle but instead of a date it works based on a time period amount. Let's take for example you have offer that closes in 24 hours, the timer will start counting down that time. Note: You have the option to reset the time when a user re-visits the page. But if you want to keep a global countdown, meaning if they return later on the offer time has decreased.

Count number: The count number option allows you to add a starting number and an end number. Further to that you can set the interval to change periodically

When counter ends

And finally the most important part of the countdown widget. When you have set your timer using one of the options. What do you want to happen when the timer reaches zero or if using count number, what do you want to happen when that number is reached.

You have three options:

  • Do nothing

  • Go to page/popup

  • Show message

Each one of which has there own strategy. For example let's say you have a promotional offer on your landing page, and doors close next week at midday. For those who miss the promotional window you could show them a simple wait list page. This is a great option if your offer is closed but you want to build a list of people who want the offer next time you promote it, or you could send an automated email that still sells them the product/service but maybe with a different offer or no offer at all.


And as always you can edit the styling to match your brand

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