Button widget

Adding a button and how to use them in your website.

To find the button widget - Open your widget section and the button widget is located under 'Basic widgets'

Simply drag and drop the button to anywhere on your page or container.

When you have placed your button in the desired location, you're able to edit and modify the button settings.

  1. Edit

  2. Link

  3. Styling

  4. Alignment

  5. Animations and delays

  6. Copy

  7. Delete


Under the edit tab you can modify the button text, add a second line of test, add icons before or after the text and attach a link where you want the visitor to go after pressing the button.


You have full control on how you want the button to visually display on your pages from color to animation.

Button variations

With all the button styling you have literally infinite design possibilities you could create. Here are a few examples.

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