Booking With Services

In this section discover how to create your booking event, allocate services and operators to that event

Create the event

To get started head over to the Appointments tab at the top of the dashboard.

Select Create a new booking event as shown below.

About the booking

Now name the event, fill in the required sections as shown below.

  • Event name

  • Event description

  • Event location

  • Send email to the user

Adding an operator

An operator is a person who will be conducting the meeting/event. Note: you can add multiple operators if required.

Select the add an operator button

Now enter the operator's details in the box.

Add the Google account dedicated to that operator to automatically add to their calendar.

Create a service

Now that you have created your operator, select the 'Link services' button to create your service.

Add new service

Fill out the required fields in the 'add new service popup'

Allocate services to an operator

Now that your operator and service/s have been created add that service to the respective operator/s.


The next step is creating the operators' availability.

Select the booking type, whether it will be one to one or a group booking event for multiple users.

Then configure:

  • Meeting duration

  • Operator availability

  • Availability Increments

  • Scheduling notice

  • Meeting buffer time

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